Our mission is simple: to revolutionize your hotel search experience by offering a highly personalized, detailed, and reliable service designed to perfectly match your unique interests and needs. We believe that travel isn’t a standard-fit for all and that’s why we offer an unparalleled hotel search experience.


With over 4 million hotels classified into 60 distinct and often unique categories, we offer you an unrivaled selection of accommodations across the globe. From beachfront hotels for sun-seekers to haunted hotels for thrill-seekers, from treehouse rooms for the adventurous at heart to hotels with EV charging stations for the eco-conscious traveler – we have it all.


Our sophisticated algorithms do the heavy lifting for you. Not only do they sort and rank hotels in each category, but they also display the best matches for your preferences first. We connect with major booking sites, fetching real-time availability and prices for each hotel. The result? A thorough comparison of the best offers out there, ready at your fingertips.


But we don’t just stop at that. We also offer a detailed explanation of why each hotel earns its place in specific categories, a result of the meticulous work of our committed editorial team and detailed questionnaires completed by hotel managers. We stand for openness, making sure you have all the essential details to make the most informed decision.


At Travelmyth, we combine cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the nuances of travel. We embrace the fact that every traveler and every trip is unique and we are devoted to aiding you in finding a hotel that’s more than just a sleeping spot, but a key part of your travel story.


So, whether you desire a tranquil stay in a hotel with an infinity pool, a room with a view in a towering skyscraper, or a royal experience in an enchanting castle, allow Travelmyth to guide you towards your ideal stay.







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Co-Founder at Travelmyth

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Co-Founder at Travelmyth