FEAC Engineering


Sotiris Kokkinos, along with his brother, Charilaos, founded FEAC Engineering in 2014. By combining their academic and professional experience in the field of digital computing (Sotiris Kokkinos-MSc Electrical Engineer) and electromechanical simulation (Charilaos Kokkinos-MSc Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer-CERN FEA Analyst), they created FEAC Engineering, a leading solutions provider in physics-based Simulation Driven Engineering. The company applies simulation & engineering expertise to solve challenging & complex problems and provides state of the art solutions throughout the product development cycle, from concept design & performance simulation to prototype testing. With science making big leaps every day by translating analytical methods into convenient computer software, computer aided engineering (CAE) has become the ultimate tool of the R&D process. Virtual engineering helps to ensure that the features you build into your product will operate as designed in real conditions. Because of its incredible power to replicate how products perform in the real world, engineering simulation has revolutionised the product development process. By minimising costly physical testing, accelerating time to market, and enabling game-changing design innovations in a low-risk virtual environment, simulation has helped businesses in every industry achieve significant competitive advantages. The various numerical techniques FEAC uses enable quick, efficient and cost-effective product development throughout the development process. It has become the ultimate tool for companies to fulfil customer promises and deliver optimized high-quality products.