Using space at Orange Grove

Priority for the use of space: Orange Grove startups first; then other entrepreneurs.


  • Whoever uses Orange Grove 1 (OG1), must go through the application process;
  • Close partners, sponsors and mentors of Orange Grove can use OG1 upon request – in exchange for their knowledge and expertise;
  • Orange Grove 2 (OG2): priority is given to our community – if there are empty offices: external startups can apply too. The monthly rent fee is €250.

Startups have to pay a monthly participation fee. This fee changes depending on the number of the team members joining Orange Grove with maximum number of team members 5:

  • Team of 1 person: €100 per person/month;
  • Team of 2 persons: €80 per person/month;
  • Team of 3 persons: €65 per person/month;
  • Team of 4 persons: €50 per person/month;
  • Team of 5 persons: €45 per person/month.

Note: after the first year, startups only pay half of the fee.

The Orange Grove space is only used for entrepreneurial events:

  • Use of space is free of charge, but we are selective: the themes of the events and the organizers we work with have to be linked to the ecosystem and non-competing to our sponsors;
  • Security is provided (Monday – Friday 7:30 – 18:30). Outside of this, security needs to be paid by the people organizing the event. For events with more than 30 participants security is mandatory. The event organizer has to contact G4S (no other companies allowed) for an offer and pay them directly – not through Orange Grove;
  • Exceptions can be made, regarding the entrepreneurial theme of events, in case of close partners of the Embassy or the Embassy itself (NGOs, educational fair etc.). These events should disturb the startups as little as possible.

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