Orange Grove is located in Greece. We operate offices in Athens and Patras. But, keep in mind that our programmes are offered online and participants join us remotely.

Yes, Orange Grove offers a wide range of training programmes for different maturity levels of projects / ventures. Check out our list of programmes to find the best fit for your idea.


We will be happy to receive an email with a short description (no longer than 1-2 paragraphs) of your idea, in English. Please do not include too much detail, your “secret” sauce or confidential information. Once a training or other activity is organized that we believe could be a good fit for you, we may notify you. In the meantime, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media so that you don’t miss out on our announcements.

Yes, we are happy to welcome you at our premises and discuss with your group our activities and programmes. Make sure you contact us as early as possible through our email address info@orangegrove.eu and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Unfortunately, we are unable at this time to fund third-party events or organisations. As a non-profit ourselves, we also rely on donations and sponsoring for our operations.

Orange Grove no longer provides co-working space services. If you are part of one of our programmes or our alumni, you can receive a discount from our partner co-working spaces. Simply email us and we will send you the details. Be sure to also check out the website of Elevate Greece where there is an extensive list of wonderful co-working spaces around Greece.

No, unfortunately we are unable to host third-party events at our premises.

Orange Grove is an initiative of the Netherlands Embassy in Greece, operated by the non-profit Ithaca (AMKE), and is financially supported by corporations and grant-making foundations.

Depending on the programme different criteria apply. In most cases, individuals or teams with a viable and innovative business idea who are determined to commit into growing their idea to a successful business. Our programmes (except Acceleration programmes) are usually open to both idea-stage and early-stage startups or innovative SMEs. No relevant academic or professional background is mandatory in order to apply but in-depth knowledge of your market will be needed if you want your idea to evolve. Applicants must speak English and Greek. Most workshops and materials are delivered in English, though a small number may be delivered in Greek (usually ones related to legal or accounting). With the exception of the Junior Entrepreneurship programme, all applicants must be +18 but there is no upper age limit. Applicants must have a connection to either Greece or the Netherlands. And the business proposition must conform with the EU and Greek law framework.

Do you have an innovative idea that can turn into a viable, fast-growing business? Are you full of entrepreneurial spirit and truly committed to your dream? Then Orange Grove is the place for you. In OG you will meet like-minded talented entrepreneurs and receive support from inspiring professionals who will share their insights on opportunities, niche markets and pitfalls, among many things.

Unless specifically stated on a programme’s Call for Applications, Orange Grove accepts applications from all sectors, except ideas related to military products or services, gambling, tobacco or products / services illegal by EU or Greek law. Furthermore, Orange Grove does not support ideas that infringe the rights of third parties of any kind, and/or are contrary to accepted principles of morality, and/or whose implementation may jeopardise public order, the public interest or fundamental human rights.

Regarding the Incubation and Acceleration programmes, once the application process closes, all applications are reviewed. Shortlisted applications are invited to an interview in order to present before our selection committee. After the interviews, a final selection of applicants is offered a spot at our Incubation or Acceleration Programme. For all other programmes, unless otherwise stated in the Call for Applications, once the deadline is over, applications are reviewed and a final selection is made, without an interview process.

No, there is no legal obligation. But, the members of our selection committee are offering us their valuable time as volunteers and we wish to bring them applications by committed applicants!

No, unfortunately we are unable to provide feedback to applicants that were not shortlisted to join our programmes.

Due to the amazing support of our donors and sponsors, currently our programmes are fully sponsored and, therefore, there is no participation fee.

Yes, we aim to host only up to 5 members of a team in our programmes. If your core team consists of over 5 members, please get in touch with us (startups@orangegrove.eu).

Our application process is open to both individuals and teams. We believe that single-founders should make a special effort to join incubators or other similar support organisations. Being a single founder may be a lonely and sometimes overwhelming journey. Joining an incubator will offer you access to a support network of like-minded people.

Absolutely, not! How can we put an age-limit to innovation? We firmly believe that -just like all other elements of diversity that we promote- having representation from various age groups adds to the creativity and experience pool of our ecosystem. Age limitations may apply to targeted programmes, such as eg. our Junior Entrepreneurship programme for school student, and will be explicitly mentioned in the Call.

No, when joining our program Orange Grove does not have any claim over the gains or equity of your new business.

Yes, there is no geographic limitation to applications, unless otherwise stated on the Call for Applications. We try to run founder-friendly programmes that do not require founders to relocate. Most of our programmes are delivered online. Once the circumstances related to COVID-19 allow it, we may transition to a hybrid model. Then physical presence in our offices (Athens or Patras) may be asked on occasion for specific events (eg. bootcamps, special guest speakers, meetups etc.).

No, Orange Grove does not offer participating ventures funding. Orange Grove will provide training on how to become investor ready, how to pitch your idea effectively, understand which funding sources may be best for your business model and provide networking opportunities.

Yes, Orange Grove has partnered with some of the largest corporations to provide participating ventures with important discounts that can help cash-strapped founders in their initial steps.

Of course, you can. But we would like to see that there has been some progress or significant changes in the development of your idea since your last application.

Mentors help new aspiring entrepreneurs build innovative ventures, disrupt markets, create job positions, foster change or “simply” make their dreams a reality. It is a means to create a powerful impact on people’s lives, give back to the community and be part of someone’s wonderful journey to success. Thus, for many, mentoring is a source of personal fulfilment and inspiration.


But, being a mentor at an incubator for most is so much more. It is an invitation to be in the forefront of innovation. New ideas, new trends, new technologies, incubators are the nursery ground for the new innovations coming our way and as a mentor you actively contribute to this process, while also growing yourself; Building mentoring experience sharpens a mentor’s expertise and poses a constant mental challenge; It allows her/him to develop as a professional and individual, and cultivate better skills, such as leadership or communication skills; All this, while meeting with incredible talent and connecting with like-minded people from the mentor and wider network.

Mentors in our network can choose to be assigned mentors, ad-hoc mentors or, ideally, both. The difference essentially has to do with the time a mentor is able to commit.


Assigned mentors: Each venture entering Orange Grove’s incubation or acceleration programmes is assigned a mentor who will guide the founders throughout the course of their OG participation. The mentor and mentees meet regularly and work on the team’s action plan. The team’s mentorship is complemented by ad-hoc 1–1s with other mentors of the network to receive guidance from their particular area of expertise.


Ad-hoc mentors: Mentors can support multiple ventures through 1–1 mentoring sessions, sharing their specialised expertise with founders upon request. Depending on the sector, area of expertise, country or other factors we connect mentors with ventures we believe can benefit from their specialised insights.


Each mentor chooses the amount of time they can offer, at each given time and circumstance. But, no matter what type of mentor one chooses to be, commitment and responsiveness are a prerequisite when undertaking this role.

While there are multiple reasons to join the network, financial or self-centred reasons are not among them. There is no financial compensation or other financial/professional gain for mentors in our network. And, no room for advertisement, self-promotion or other similar gain.


Are you experienced in scaling startups, a seasoned corporate executive or just passionate about venture building and want to share the specialised skills you have developed over the course of several years? Do you have a long, hands-on market experience with a strong track record of professional successes? Are you equally good at speaking and listening, and able to give constructive feedback? Willing to share your experiences from both your successes and failures? Are you driven by the desire to have a powerful impact on the lives of new founders, give back to the community and be part of someone’s journey to success? If you answered yes to all these questions, then get in touch with Orange Grove by email at info@orangegrove.eu to express your interest to join our community of mentors and we will set up a meeting with a member of our team. Remember to first read our blog on what it means to be an Orange Grove mentor.

By partnering with Orange Grove your organisation can contribute to the empowerment of talented venturers, push innovation forward and achieve positive change. Furthermore, it will connect with an innovation ecosystem that is in the forefront of change.

With over 10 years of experience in innovative entrepreneurship programmes and activities, Orange Grove has developed unique expertise and networks to design and implement impactful initiatives of all sizes. Not all activities we organise are on our website, we might already have something that is a good fit. Reach out to our team to set up a meeting to discuss the needs and aims of the programme or other activities in mind.

From organising the call and selection process, to the designing of an end-of-programme Demo Day, Orange Grove can support your organisation in planning, co-ordinating and delivering your innovation programme or activity, to maximise value and impact.

We are always seeking new partners to collaborate in creating impactful innovation activities. If you are interested in partnering with Orange Grove, reach out to us by email at info@orangegrove.eu and we will arrange a meeting with a member of our team.