One more “The Squeeze” competition took place 10th of March 2016 with eight aspiring entrepreneurs of Orange Grove taking to the stage to pitch their innovative ideas, answer tough questions and make their startups known to the local and international ecosystem! 


In this edition of “The Squeeze”, the judges’ panel consisted of: 

– Peter Economides (Brand strategist, Apple’s “Think Different” campaign),

– Gigi Wang (Entrepreneur and Chair Emeritus, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab),

– Koen Thijssen (Former co-CEO Asia-Pacific and Managing Director Benelux, Rocket Internet GmbH and founder of Bloomon; a 3.5 million funded startup) and

– Mareva Grabwoski (Founder and Vice Chairman, Endeavor Greece and Co-founder and Managing Partner, Zeus+Dione).


Keeppet won the first prize of €15,000 and Hopwave won the second prize of €10,000.  


“The Squeeze” #6 was complemented with exciting Pre-Squeeze events and trainings, taking place a day before “The Squeeze”.  


The competition wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our Lead Donor, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation!