Entrepreneur in Residence

Among the services provided by Orange Grove, is the rotating Entrepreneur in Residence program, where an international business professional collaborates for a few months with Orange Grove, offering intensive support to startups concerning all kinds of issues. This service is provided ad hoc, depending on availability and cannot be guaranteed at all times. Meet our current & past Entrepreneurs in Residence below.

Serena Davis

Serena Davis started her passion for startups in Austin, Tx working for a boutique VC and then in several startups there. Since then she has worked with startups and companies in The Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Nigeria as well as a Norwegian VC. In all positions she was focused on product development and rollout.

Robin Schuil

At a young age, Robin Schuil was integral to the founding of the Dutch eBay, Marktplaats.nl.
Nowadays, he runs a startup in Greece, Vendora.gr. He has been involved in numerous events at Orange Grove, including the Squeeze. As an Entrepreneur in Residence his experience has proven to be very valuable to the startups at Orange Grove.

Marios Joannides

Marios Joannides is the CEO of TerraCapital Management Company Limited a financial consulting and private collective property Management Company, managing non listed property” funds” and advising on corporate finance structures and strategy. He has twenty-seven years’ experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry.

Boukje Vastbinder

Boukje Vastbinder studied industrial product design in both Delft and the Hague in the Netherlands and worked all over the world as a product designer, serial entrepreneur, startup coach and lecturer. Through her work as a lecturer in sustainable and developmental entrepreneurship at the Delft University of Technology, she has been involved with Orange Grove from its early days.

Benno Groosman

Benno Groosman coached over 55 startups in various incubators and accelerators. Some startups he still coaches personally. He was the leading founder and CEO of Salusion and built a startup that raised €1.4M in total from a mix of funding sources, creating 3 products with international patents and having an annual turnover of almost €500k, leading a team of 7 fte plus some interns and external organizations with about 50 extra people working for their projects.

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