Philoxenia is an annual international tourism trade show that takes place at Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Congress Centre and brings together more than 20,000 tourism professionals. Dishcover had the unique opportunity joining CapsuleT’s special stand, as we were part of the selected few start-ups of the innovative technology and tourism accelerator.

By the very first moment in Thessaloniki, we found ourselves tasting glorious baklava, sinful trigona Panoramatos, mouth-watering hanum bourek, special tavuk gogsu and the list goes on. We tasted desserts that constitute a bridge to culinary heaven as well as a bridge to some of the most important cultural moments of the past century. But, we will talk about this some other time in the near future.

The visitors to our stand had great fun, when we asked them to write their impressions on Dishcover’s concept, by using the writing instrument of their choice from different eras. Such instruments included the fountain pen from the 19th century, the feather reflecting the Byzantine times and a special straw (“kalami”), the writing instrument in Ancient Greece. By the way, did you know that the cooking process and final flavour is dependant on the writing style of a recipe?

As part of the program of CapsuleT, we had pre-arranged several meetings that proved to be really prolific. However, what surpassed our expectations was the great interest expressed from the visitors for Dishcover’s services and values.

On the highlights of the Expo, we would add the special conference on “Dark Tourism” that thrilled us, and of course the warm meeting with representatives of the Greek National Tourism Organisation at their elegant booth. We returned back to Athens with more contacts, a few boxes of desserts, but most importantly, with even more motivation and ideas to develop Dishcover further.

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