Brand Kit

You can use the following description for Orange Grove:

“Orange Grove is an incubator & startups ecosystem empowering talented individuals to grow sustainable and innovative businesses. It supports entrepreneurial ventures (idea- and/or early-stage startups and innovative SMEs), through horizontal or vertical sector entrepreneurship programmes, skills development and transfer of international know-how. Orange Grove provides unique networking opportunities as it connects participants to its global ecosystem of trainers and volunteer mentors, while also offering access to the extended contacts network of the incubator, the Netherlands Embassy in Greece, its sponsors and partners. Launched in 2013, Orange Grove is an initiative of the Netherlands Embassy in Greece, operated by the non-profit Ithaca, and is financially supported by Dutch & Greek corporates and grant-making foundations. It operates offices in Athens and Patras but is a remote-first incubator, providing its programmes through an online training platform, thus removing geographic limitations from the growth of innovative entrepreneurship.”