Call for Applications – “OG Power Up” Pre-Incubation Programme

The “OG Power Up” is a short pre-incubation programme condensed in a 4-week series of online workshops, mentoring and coaching with the aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs explore the potential of their innovative idea and better understand the process of venture creation.Participants are introduced to entrepreneurship tools and methods to validate and assess their business proposition, in order to refine (or change) their idea. Mentorship, coaching and 24/7 customized guidance are an essential part of this programme, enabling participants to get a hands-on understanding of what being a business owner means and what are the hard and soft skills-sets required for this challenging path ahead.

The programme leads to the design of an action plan to move the innovative idea forward as a venture.

After the conclusion of the programme, a select number of participating teams may be invited to participate in Orange Grove’s next Incubation round or other OG programmes.

The “OG Power Up” Pre-incubation Programme is powered by AELIA.



We offer

The OG Power Up is an online programme. It combines collective and individual learning & development activities, on a daily basis, with workshops, skills development, assignments and an emphasis on customized individual support. The programme provides 24/7 individual guidance to each participant/team in their entrepreneurial development, with both asynchronous and live mentoring sessions.

The intensive OG Power up is carried out in two stages, each of 2 weeks length:

o Learning & assessing stage. Participants test out the potential challenges of their entrepreneurial idea and their own entrepreneurial mindset.

o Development stage. Participants focus on discovering solutions against the challenges of their entrepreneurial ideas and make decisions for their potential entrepreneurial steps.

Participants continue to the 2nd stage, only after succeeding in the evaluation process at the end of stage 1.



Applications will remain open until Sunday 21st May 2022, at 23:59 (GMT+3). You may submit your application in draft form and edit until the deadline (see application form for instructions). We encourage you to open your application process early on, as this will allow us to help you with possible questions and challenges.



The programme will launch on Friday, July 7th. An online bootcamp will take place on the weekend of July 8th-9th. An additional bootcamp weekend may be added. Dates, times and structure are subject to change.


1. Who is this programme for?

The OG Power Up programme does not require prior entrepreneurial experience. This is a programme for individuals or teams at the idea stage wishing to take their first steps in turning their idea into a business or may have prior experience but want to try out something new. Individuals from all sectors, ages and geographic locations within Greece are invited to participate. The OG Power Up programme encourages diversity, both in the ideas and people participating to the programme. Diversity is the driver of innovation, creativity and progress. The programme aims at empowering individuals to turn their ideas into a sustainable business but also allow participants to test whether entrepreneurship is the right path for them.

The business proposition needs to be innovative. In other words, it must generate an innovative product/service or adopt an innovative approach in its business model.

2. What is the difference with the Incubation Programme?

The OG Power Up programme is a shorter, more intense programme intended for earlier stage ideas that need to be refined and/or individuals who wish to test whether entrepreneurship is a good fit for them. Participants who have concluded the pre-incubation programme may be invited to continue to the incubation programme, if there is a good fit.

3. Is Orange Grove looking into specific sectors?

Orange Grove accepts applications from all sectors, except ideas related to military products or services, gambling, tobacco or products / services illegal by EU or Greek law. Furthermore, Orange Grove does not support ideas that infringe the rights of third parties of any kind, and/or are contrary to accepted principles of morality, and/or whose implementation may jeopardize public order, the public interest or fundamental human rights.

4. What happens after I apply?

Once the application process closes, all applications will be reviewed. Shortlisted applications will be invited to an interview in order to present before our selection committee. After the interviews, a final selection of applications will be offered a spot to our “OG Power Up” Pre-incubation Programme. Orange Grove, at its discretion, may offer you a spot in a different programme should the selection committee recommend this to be a better fit.

5. If I apply, am I legally bound to join the programme?

No, there is no legal obligation. But, the members of our selection committee are offering us their valuable time as volunteers and we wish to bring them applications by committed applicants!

6. Is there a fee to join Orange Grove?

Due to the amazing support of our donors and sponsors, our Incubation Programme is fully sponsored and, therefore, there is no participation fee.

7. Is there a limit to the team size?

Yes, we aim to host only up to 5 members of a team in our programme. If your core team consists of over 5 members, please get in touch with us ([email protected]).

8. Does Orange Grove have any claim over my new business idea?

No, when joining our program Orange Grove does not have any claim over the gains or equity of your new business.

9. I don’t live in Athens or Patras, can I still apply?

Yes, there is no geographic limitation to applications. This is an online programme. Once the circumstances related to COVID-19 allow it, we may transition to a hybrid model. Then physical presence in our offices (Athens or Patras) may be asked on occasion for specific events (eg. bootcamps, special guest speakers, meetups etc.).

Important Notice:

Please note that your application will be shared with members of the Orange Grove and AELIA teams, and our selection committee. We kindly ask you not to include “sensitive” information that might affect your IP such as designs, algorithms or other, or other information regarding your “secret sauce”.

For info and questions contact us at:

T: +30 210 3231457
E: [email protected]


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