Who we are

Orange Grove is an international incubator offering support to innovative entrepreneurs around Greece

It is a renowned initiative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Athens, financially supported by Dutch-Greek businesses and grant-making foundations active in Greece, and a result of broad community support, university affiliations, highly committed mentor networks and dedicated sponsors, donors, contributors and partners.

Why we do what we do

Orange Grove launched in September 2013 as a vehicle to promote entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing, through the transfer of international know-how & best practices

We contribute to reducing Greek youth unemployment, turn brain drain into 2-way brain mobility, counter negative stereotyping between northern and southern European countries and support the creation of a local startup ecosystem while connecting it to its international counterparts.

What we offer

Once selected, entrepreneurs receive support from Orange Grove in various ways:

• Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting, tailor-made to the startups’ needs;
• Seminars & Workshops with acclaimed speakers from all over the world;
• Entrepreneur in Residence sharing expertise and experience (service provided only on selected periods of time);
• Unique Bootcamps in cooperation with Dutch and Greek universities;
• Networking Opportunities on a national and international level;
• Legal and Accounting business support services;
• A chance to participate at competitions we organize like ‘The Squeeze’, including amazing prizes!

Our mentoring and coaching programs

Each startup is matched with a mentor and coach that offer guidance throughout the startup’s membership at Orange Grove

The mentors and coaches are dedicated to sharing their networks, as well as their valuable experience and expertise, and usually operate in the same field or industry as the startup.

The mentor and coach meet with their startups, on average, about half a day per month but, depending on the availability and need for support, this can vary and be agreed upon as it suits each party. Whereas mentors provide the startup with specific business and strategy advice, the coach, on the other hand, covers the development of soft skills including pitching, team dynamics and business ethics, also essential for the success of the startups and the development of its members.

The Orange Grove mentors and coaches are volunteers who are passionate about sharing their expertise and it is noteworthy that most of them get so excited about the startups they mentor or coach that they become their strongest evangelist and supporter.

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