In January, we were honoured to be invited by the Chairwoman of the World Food Travel Association Mrs. Maria Athanasopoulou to speak at the 4th Forum for the development of Culinary Tourism. The Forum was part of the MoneyShow 2020 and it took place at the Divani Caravel Hotel.

Coincidentally, this hotel was the place where our CEO, Dimitri tasted for first time prosciutto, and this is how he started his presentation: the food as memory! Subsequently, he had the opportunity to present the concept of Dishcover to the audience. He paid special reference to the negative effects of over-tourism and how Discover is designed in a way to ameliorate its negative effect and have sustainable impact.

The forum was also a good to occasion to hear experts on the tourism field such as the Professor Bouhalis and Mr. Brousalian from the Greek Travel Pages on topics such as marketing for culinary tourism, the wine tourism in Greece and social media and culinary tourism, among others, as well as network with them.

All in all, we would like to thank Mrs. Athanasopoulou for the invitation and congratulate her and her team for the great work!

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